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Optimal home comfort through ventilation

Perfectly controlled ventilation for each room

Jaga D-Flow, Jaga’s new MV-system (Mechanical Ventilation-system) provides your home with a CO2 controlled ventilation system that enables you to ventilate each room separately. It also provides your home with an energy-efficient flow of fresh air, which is good for your health, your home comfort and your house.

The lowest noise level

Noise measurements done by Peutz, a Dutch company that advises on acoustics, noise control, etc., have shown that Jaga D-flow is currently the most quiet ventilation system on the market. In both the Netherlands and Belgium the noise limit is 30 dB(A). Anything between 0 and 30 dB(A) level is considered as normal acoustic comfort. The D-Flow can even achieve a sound level of 25 dB(A) in your bedroom, while also keeping the room sufficiently ventilated! Moreover, the units are provided with extensive acoustic insulation, which enables them to achieve a very high attenuation value of outside noises. Your room will be even more quiet than a room with normal window vents or a room with an open window.

A clean and healthy indoor climate

The supplied outdoor air enters the room directly and therefore doesn’t pass through a central supply duct that branches out to the different rooms. By combining this with the filter system and the intelligent removal of humid air, Jaga D-flow can guarantee a clean indoor climate for your home.


Easy-to-use intelligence

Central control is possible through the Smart and Expert system. This connects all the components with each other through RF or an existing home automation system. Moreover, it ensures a flawless ventilation control and an ideal humidity level for the various rooms. It is the best way to control and manage your indoor climate. The easy-to-use control panel enables you to make adjustments as required.

Easily installed in new constuctions and when renovating

Since there is no need for air ducts or a dropped ceiling, Jaga D-Flow is by far the most practical solution when renovating.

D-Flow is a decentralized ventilation system that automatically determines how much fresh air is needed in order to perfectly ventilate each room. The principal component is the brand new D-Flow Refresh unit: a technological marvel that can, silently and with low energy consumption, provide your house with the best air quality. While the Refresh units take care of the air supply, the central extraction unit EXHAUST removes stale air from humid spaces, such as the bathroom area and the kitchen. The Refresh units are available for built-in installation or in a neutral Jaga design that goes well with any interior.

Moreover, there is the unique combination of Refresh units and Low-H2O radiators, where the Refresh unit is built into the radiator. This will hide the Refresh Unit from view! The radiator is connected to the heating circuit and the ventilation section to the power grid (230 VAC). In order to ensure the air supply, a small round hole is made in the building shell. This will allow the ventilation system to provide your home with preheated fresh air during the heating season.

D Flow_entire_house_render

D-Flow basic

Manually operated system

D-Flow smart

CO2 controlled, wireless RF-system

D-Flow expert

CO2 controlled system for BMS / Home Automation System (HAS)
D Flow_Basic
The BASIC system is the manually operated version of the D-Flow system. By operating the system manually you can choose when you want to ventilate your house. The extraction unit ensures a steady removal of air with minimal air flow. Upon detecting humidity in areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, the flow rate will automatically increase. The resident can manually set the supply of fresh air by using the Refresh control panel. The extraction of stale air is completely automated, based on the measured humidity levels in the extraction unit.  
D Flow_Smart

The D-Flow SMART system is fully automated. The Refresh units (supply units) measure the CO2 levels and ensure that the dry rooms are supplied with the right amount of fresh air. All supply units communicate with the extraction unit through a RF-signal. The amount of stale air that is extracted depends on the information collected by the Refresh Units and the humidity sensor, which has been built into the extraction unit. D-Flow ensures that your house is perfectly ventilated while simultaneously being extremely energy-efficient. This results in a substantial heat loss reduction!


D Flow_Expert
Jaga D-Flow EXPERT is almost identical to the Smart system, the difference being that it supports centralized control through a building management system (BMS) or home automation system (HAS). The Refresh units and the extraction unit are controlled by a 0 -10 V signal. The home automation system is equipped with sensors in order to control the ventilation and various other home automated functions. As a result, Jaga ‘s energy-efficient and balanced ventilation system can be perfectly integrated into your home automation system.  
D Flow_Strada_Refresh_Render

operation D-Flow



Outlet grilles in wet areas


Humid and stale air is extracted through a standard exhaust unit with 3-position switch.

Low-H2O radiator with built-in Oxygen

Measuring of air quality in each room by the built-in CO2 sensor.


Fresh outside air supply.

Low-H2O radiator with built-in Oxygen. Fresh outdoor air and stale indoor air are fed back into the room mixed/filtered and warmed.

Easy to clean or replace air filter.

Extensive sound insulation.
Energy efficient EC motor.

Automatic or manually operated diaphragm valve.

Low-H2O heat exchanger.
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