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Heating, cooling and ventilation

The Jaga Low-H2O radiator has never been an ordinary radiator and now evolves into a climate cooler. The ultra-light heat exchanger of our first products already contained the base of all our new and future products. Hence our technological lead in lightweight, responsive and high-performance heat exchangers for what today has become a complete climate system for heating, cooling and ventilation.

” Like nature, we should think in a circular manner: what goes around, comes around. “

Extinguish the fire

Climate Designer products are intended for the most environmentally friendly technologies, such as heat pumps and solar energy. Low-H2O radiators performing outstanding with the lowest water temperatures and switching automatically between heating and cooling. The all make sure you can create the best indoor climate with installations that require no fire (read: boiler). No fire means that Jaga Climate Designer products help to reduce carbon emissions and thus improve the outdoor climate.

” We must ensure a better indoor climate without pressure on the outdoor climate. “

A perfect example of ecodesign

Climate Designer products consume less energy. But it is not only during their life that they are environmentally friendly. Since these products are much lighter and smaller than an equivalent capacity of other emitters or floor heating systems, the raw material requirement in manufacturing is also significantly reduced. Furthermore, they last longer, have a 30-year guarantee, and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. Compared to other systems, Climate Designer products score remarkably better in LCA measures, which compare the environmental impact of products.

” New technologies have to consume a minimal amount of energy, leaving plenty for mother earth. ”


In every season a maximum indoor comfort with a minimum of pollution and a minimal use of raw materials: that’s how we try to improve not only your indoor climate but also the outdoor climate. And that’s why we think we can call ourselves, all our employees, all our installers and all our customers: Jaga Climate Designers!

” There is no wifi in the forest, but you will find a better connection “
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