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Clima Canal 13 B27 4-pipe

Compact elegant design

Packshot_Clima Canal H13 B27
  • Silent and unobtrusive, Clima Canal provides the greatest possible climatic comfort.
  • Available for heating, light and deep cooling
  • Compact dimensions and shallow installation depth
  • Hybrid Heating


  1. protection panel
  2. grille
  3. cover plate
  4. stainless steel flexible connections 1/2", 15 cm long
  5. condensate tray, for drainage (ø 2 cm) of condensate water
  6. housing
  7. height control, provided with acoustic decoupling
  8. hydronic connectionalways left-hand side
  9. electrical connectionalways left-hand side
  10. 4-pipedynamic Low-H2O coil
  11. tangential activator
  12. connection for the ventilation channel
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